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Hi I am Nicole Engstrom, CEO/owner of Little Mac Design, and I would love to help bring your visions into reality.  I love creating a photo journalistic feel to my photography by using special unusual angles in photography & graphic design. Photography IS…… LIGHT AND ANGLES. A true photographer knows their camera and lenses inside and out and what each lens is capable of.  Ever since I was a young child I was attracted to color and anything that was artistic immediately fascinated me,taking pictures was a passion that grew quick in me at a young age. I began with drawing at five years old, first drawing Smurfs and Garfield and then moving onto animals and nature through acrylic painting in my high school and earlier college years, in addition developing a passion for photography(which has been all of my life.) Working as a nanny and numerous sales jobs through the years I realized that art, and the creating of all things stemming from art and photography was what truly what made me happy. I went back to school yet again for the third time and attained my second degree, this one a Two-Year Associates in Applied Arts Multimedia Web Design (of course at the time of almost finishing my degree,I realized I didn’t want to design websites…especially with html code….so I applied what I learned through this degree towards my love of photography and graphic design.) My other passions include running 5k’s and 7k’s and my beautiful now almost 8yr year old daughter, who is the apple of my eye and whole world…. and where I drew the inspiration of my company name. I feel that photography & graphic design, are all a wonderful way to tell a story,express passion, meaning, thoughts, memories, and convey a lasting impression/message. I love all forms of photography,but I do love shooting engagement sessions and weddings the most as I love watching couples in love and telling their story through my camera. You can really tell a lot about a couple from how the engagement session goes and from the cake cutting ceremony at the wedding! I also believe in the value of preserving your memories in print,I am now offering some amazing high quality albums! Ask me about them,I will bring a sample along to show you. This year has been such an amazing year of growth for me and I am more than thankful for all of the amazing clients I have had the pleasure working with and capturing their memories. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my website and I look forward to hearing from you for your free consultation soon! Be blessed abundantly in all you do! Life is short….EMBRACE it with doing something you love!


Nicole Engstrom CEO/Owner Little Mac Design



MY STUDIO(indoors)



MY STUDIO(outdoors)

The land here is pretty amazing for an indoor or outdoor session. Or combine both into an hour! This is just a portion of the beautiful land here in Lakeville!

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